Best known for: Its beautiful scenic coastline, its beaches, and its art festivals (theater, dance and most notorious in recent years, its music festivals). You may also recognize the landscapes of the old town as “King’s Landing” from the famous HBO show Game of Thrones. The Old Town is like time travelling into the 16th century, filled with Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches, palaces and monasteries. And alongside this incredible heritage and history, Dubrovnik’s nightlife is also a major attractor.

There is something for everyone in the city that writer George Bernard Shaw called “Paradise on Earth”.

When to go:

In May and June if you don’t like the crowds and July and August for the peak season and height of most festivals.

Where to stay:

Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, a short distance from the Old Town overlooking the Adriatic, with modern facilities including a great SPA and four pools.

Villa Dubrovnik, a luxurious boutique hotel where you’ll experience fine dining and peace of mind.

Combine it with:

A tour of the surrounding towns, where you’ll uncover Croatia’s incredible history (like a 100-million-year-old dinosaur footprint) and breathtaking outdoor experiences like the Plitvice Lakes. And that’s not mentioning the country’s 7 UNESCO World Heritage sites.