I recently had one of the most fun adventures of my life, in Costa Rica! I went from the beach, to complete luxury and relaxation, to the final, most exhilarating destination. And if that sounds like something you enjoy, then you don’t want to miss this one! You can contact me for more information on how to make this trip your next trip!



We started in Guanacaste, a beach destination known for dolphin and turtle watching! Not your typical beach though, completely surrounded by mountains and greenery. And what an incredibly relaxing place and friendly, happy people! We also went snorkeling and had a great, “chef’s table” style experience with the chef cooking right in front of us.



We drove 2 hours to reach Origins, a beautiful, 6-room lodge opening in July. We visited the incredible property and had lunch by their Michelin Starred Chef. Their garden grows organic fruits and veggies, and they have a pineapple field! You can even go down to the lake and catch your own fish. Perfect for a relaxing few days in between the jungle adventure.



After another 2 hours drive, we arrived at Arenal –green as far as the eye can see. The flowers were the weirdest I’ve ever seen. You could feel nature with every sense –you smell, you hear, you see, you feel… surrounded by birds, animals and vegetation.


The adventure begins before you even get there –you only get to grab a few things and then your luggage is taken away as you prepare for an hour and a half white water rafting downstream! With 3/4 rapids, we arrived soaking wet! The fun had begun!

The ecolodge was incredibly fun. We did 11 zip lines, from tree to tree, 50 meters above the jungle! And it felt just like Tarzan! The lodge was completely immersed in nature: no AC, no windows, and absolutely no smoking!

You can hear the sounds of everything: the monkeys, the birds, the river! I opted to leave by helicopter, but you could also go for the 3hr raft for a last exhilarating activity!

So now you have a new idea for fun exploration in South America. Let’s get you on your next adventure! You can contact me now and my team and I can start planning for you!

As they say in Costa Rica: Pura Vida!

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